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Get free Import Sheet Add-on w/ survey

Dear Import Sheeter,

Your Import Sheet full version trial period expired 5 days ago. To reactivate the full advanced version for another 30 days fill out the survey below:
Import Sheet Survey
We have many satisfied users including companies like Google, Motorola, Whirlpool, Uber, Seagate, Zynga, Costco and top Universities...
[...] it´s not only easy to download but also a very intuitive app.
It made my work bulletproof.... not easy [or possible] to mess up the formula.
Made searching for information more efficient.
It helped me to copy the data from master sheet to the copy sheet so that the data from master can't be lost.
A friendly and fast way to import data without having to copy paste data or go crazy using many formulas, specially since google spreadsheets doesn´t allow to use the FINDV-H [H or V LOOKUP], which to me are day to day basic formulas...
Time Saver
I like the tool a lot... I think its best thing out of the everyday Google Sheets user, Wow!
If you don't feel like filling out the survey, don't worry you still have access to the limited free version.

Kind Regards,
The Moon Tools team
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