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Import Sheet Add-on: Check out this new use case

Dear Import Sheet User,

We hope you've been taking advantage of the many uses of Import Sheet to link, transfer data fast, increase accuracy, organize, and analyze disparate data sets. We've seen students and professors, consulting, technology, marketing and finance professionals and departments, consolidate information, link databases, perform analytics, create graphs and reports and more...

We've recorded use cases to help spur your imagination. Use case #2 consolidates multiple data sets into one to put together something more useful (see 3 accounts receivable consolidated into 1 cashflow). Use case #3 consolidates 50 databases into one using cascading data sets. Check these and more on our YouTube Channel.
Import Sheet Channel
Feel free to contact our support team through the add-on for questions you may have on usage!

Kind Regards,
The Moon Tools team

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